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Help! BIOCELL salt loss textured implants safety issue?

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I watched A Currrent Affair the other night and saw a story about the high risks of some textured implants causing cancer.  I have Natrelle 410 (textured anatomical) implants and apparently this is one of the high risk implants. I have been in a bit of pain with my right side and want to get it checked out.   Does anyone else have this type of implant and have concerns about this?  I'm really upset because at the time I got my implants (2014), I specifically asked my surgeon for a low risk implant that wouldn't cause me any problems.  I paid MORE to get the textured implant because he said it approved by FDA and one of the safest types.  I'm quite upset now that this is happening.   I would like to see a doctor about this but my original plastic surgeon wasn't very friendly or approachable, so looking for recommendations about who I can see to get this checked out and discuss possible removal/revision (Sydney/Canberra area would be best)?   THANK YOU so much for any advice.

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Hey @joyfulgirl99 I understand your concern and if you have had pain then definitely get it checked out. But if you do not have symptoms of ALCL then don't rush to have your implants removed, currently the recommendation is to monitor your breasts/implants regularly and if you notice any symptoms make an appointment with your surgeon asap. But if you are asymptomatic then you may be having an unnecessary removal/revision when you don't need to... sorry I can't help with Sydney/Canberra recommendations as I am in Perth and hopefully some other girls here can recommend someone and you can have your mind put at ease :) 

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