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My breast lift and implants experience with Dr Tavakoli

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Hi cosmetic journey members, 

Last month I had a breast lift with implants and wanted to share my experience with others. I hope this is helpful to those considering the surgery.

Monday – 21/5

Operation – lift and augmentation




Extremely bloated and feeling crappy


  • The antibiotics prescribed for the Staph made me feel really out of it. Medications don’t usually give off any other effects I seem to tolerate medication but I felt these made me really trippy and this might have been combined with the Valium.

  • I felt the effects of the Staph medication not long after taking them




Start to commence light housework – didn’t leave the house


  • Did more housework eg light loads of washing – didn’t leave the house

  • Took my last Valium and antibiotic for Staph on the early Sunday


Monday – 28/5

  • Went into the office at around 11am – started to feel warm like I was coming down with a fever but it wasn’t anything major. Was sore but not overly. In hindsight I shouldn’t have gone back to work but my husband became unwell with flu and a migraine.

  • Sore that evening


  • My husband was really unwell so had to get the kids to school in three different locations.

  • Went to work for a few hours and then had to attend a presentation for my daughter – felt exhausted

  • Started to feel like I was coming down with hayfever – had a really runny nose, felt tired, was getting hot and around this time the itch started around the adhesive

  • This is when I noticed the itch because it was starting to bother me and throughout the day I kept taking my jacket on and off

  • Couldn’t sleep that night – might have been due to my husband being unwell but slept for about 3 hours


  • Woke up feeling like I had someone pressing on my chest due to over doing the previous two days. Not like me not to get up but had to lay in bed for 2 hours before I could surface

  • Had an appointment scheduled for Wednesday with the Nurse

  • Drove to appointment and was getting hot on the drive feeling really


  • Had appointment with the Nurse who changed the dressings and told me

    to stop scratching

  • Went for an ultrasound at Barrangaroo – ultrasound was fine

  • Still itchy that night


  • Woke up still really itchy

  • Got back in to see Dr Tavakoli who took off the tape and prescribed a

    coirtersone cream

  • Applied this two times that day – cream did nothing

  • Still feeling itchy – the itch was relieved by a light running of my

    fingernails over my breasts with clothing on and sometimes directly on

    the skin

  • 7pm had to sit with no top on because my breasts were so saw and felt



  • Stayed at home and did very light housework as I had my 3 year old at home with me – wore no bra cause my skin felt raw if I could describe

  • Had to do pickup at 3pm and work CK bralette

  • Got home an hour later and my skin was killing me

  • Had to sit in my room with no top on for an hour or so

  • Again sat on the couch that evening with no top on

  • I applied to coirtersoine cream several times throughout the day and

    the redness around the tape was still there – skin was irritated – looked like hives around the tape to me


  • Was at home for the day with no bra or support because my skin was so irritated and red from where the tape had been. Dr Tavaloli cut off a mole on my right hand side which had more tape on it so to wear any bra or have anything directly on that area or where the tape had been was really irritating

  • Breasts felt sore underneath on the bottom half of breasts

  • Area where tape was, was still red but fading – not gone completely

  • Attended an event that night with not bra, just a cotton smooth singlet

    which was good and didn’t irritate my skin

  • By the end of the night my breast were sore underneath and felt heavy


  • Felt like my boobs were about to fall out because I hadn’t had on any support

  • Muscles were really sore this morning

  • Put the compression bra on with some combine pads over my skin. It

    was still irritated but not as much

  • Around this time I felt the skin under my breast (either side of the

    vertical scar) start to feel sore/sensitive

  • The irritation from the tape wasn’t annoying me as much by this stage,

    I felt like it was the stitches under my breast

  • We were out for the afternoon with friends but only at a café and park

    and then went back home

  • My breast tissue felt really sore that evening

Monday – 4/6

  • Went to work

  • Breasts felt very sensitive, to the extent that it felt like my nerves were

    sitting on the outside of my skin

  • Wearing combine pads on top of breast to mitigate rubbing and


  • Very uncomfortable by the night


  • Appointment with Dr Tavakoli, prescribed me Clormidicin for mastitis

  • Really uncomfortable duing the day, skin still really sensitive but only

    located to the bottom part of my breast

  • Wearing combine pads over breasts to stop rubbing

  • Felt good Tuesday night after starting medication

  • Redness from tape completely gone


  • Went to work

  • Forgot medication – had to go back home to get the script because I

    was feeling sore on the underpart of my breasts – right side more


  • Wore the combine pads over breasts

  • Breasts were still sensitive/sore that evening but felt a bit better

  • Applied coirtoisone cream given by Dr Tavakoli


  • Ran errands today

  • Didn’t wear combine pads today

  • Breasts started to get agitated again by mid afternoon

  • Taking all the medication as prescribed

  • By 4pm my breasts where the tape had been was red. It appeared that

    the compression bra directly on my skin had started to irrirate it again

  • Breasts on the bottom part were sore again this evening

  • Not feeling any muscle soreness at all and haven’t since Tuesday 5/6


Woke up breasts not feeling as sensitive / sore. There is a little bit but I am feeling the best I have today


In hindsight I think I underestimated the recovery of the surgery, I know there is information in there, but when dealing with mums you must stress that they rest for a minimum 2 weeks. It was unfortunate my husband got unwell because that put extra stress on our situation and I wasn’t able to let my body recover however this is life but I would have got extra help for that second week. By Wednesday 30/5 I did cause I realised I was in a bad way and not feeling well but recovery as the nyrse kept stressing when I visited last week should have been stressed earlier at one of my appointments. As mums we have to get on with it and I have given birth naturally to 3 kids no epidural, gas etc so I thought having surgery would be easy, I actually regretted it in the first week just because I personally underestimated what it would be like. Also I have never had any major surgery so probably naïve also.

With regards to the reaction with the tape, this was noticed more around the time I was getting hot with my flu like symptoms and could possibly be a reaction to the sweat.

I had mastitis several times with each of my children which hit me straight away
I am thinking that I might have started to come down with the mastitis one week after the operation (Monday 28/5) as I started to feel flu like symptoms

Was taking medication until Sunday afternoon for Staph and maybe they might have been keeping the mastitis at bay but once I stopped those medications the mastitis kicked in – not sure if the drugs cross over but 12-24 hours after stopping I stopping the Staph medication I started to feel unwell

I am not so much sure that the tape is the issue in my case, I think the mastitis might have played into this and could have been the catalyst but because the symptoms were so subtle not like in pregnancy it was overlooked due to the soreness of muscles, recovering from surgery. As I connect the dots it was when I started to get hot and sweat that I really noticed the itching on the top part of my breasts however the feeling/ sensitivity/soreness on the bottom part of my breast was there I just thing the discomfort and irritation where the tape had been overrode it until the redness went away.

I am so happy with the results, can see that Dr Tavakoli is a perfectionist and have enjoyed my experience with him – really happy with the results and very happy I went with him. I hope this helps.

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