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Body Transformation

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Hi beautiful ladies.

It has been a looong time since I have posted here. I had my breast augmentation in 2014 and am now wanting to do more of a whole body transformation. I apologise if I have placed this in the wrong forum space, please correct me if it needs to go elsewhere!

Due to a series of unfortunate events, my life and weight has spiralled and I am now left very unhappy with how I look. I am wanting ladies opinions on doctors they've used for liposculpture/liposculpture and I'd be looking to re-do my breast augmentation as well. Preferably I'd like to do this with the one doctor, but if ladies have differing recommendations for the two separate treatments, please give your opinions anyways.

Have a lovely Thursday evening! ?

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I know that you are looking for advice about surgery. But also don't forget that anything to do with the body is 80% nutrition. A healthy clean diet suited to your body and your body's needs would be a strong foundation in getting back to "you". It would also help to kickstart your metabolism. A good PT who has rehab experience would be a great asset too. Also getting a indepth blood test done to check thyroid, iron, cortisol levels etc may help to see if there are other indicators contributing to the weight gain. I personally always see surgery as a last resort...…. but that is probably due to my body not coping with surgery. Lastly, be kind to yourself and just take each day as it comes. There are always ladies on the forum here to listen to you if you just need someone to talk to. x

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Where is the excess weight? If it's all over lipo won't help and you would be better off trying to lose weight. If it's stubborn areas then lipo may be the answer. I can't help with info as it's not something I've looked into personally. I had weight loss surgery in May this year and have lost 54.1kgs and am so close to my goal weight now with 9kgs left to lose. Not saying you need weight loss surgery just sharing what has worked for me but I had a lot to lose. Agree with Pinkbutterfly about checking thyroid, etc. Mine being out of whack due to Hashimoto's Disease was the start of my weight issues. Also where are you located? That would help others to recommend a surgeon ?

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