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Difference in under muscle and ontop..

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A lot of how boobs will look on someone will depend greatly on their anatomy , shape of chest wall, existing breast tissue, height , weight and BWD so someone with 450 cc hp implant (example ) on a 5'7 64 kg (142 lbs) with a bwd of 12 cm (pre A cup) will look completely different to someone who is 5'4  55 kg (122lbs) with a bwd of 12 cm but started with a B cup..

Under the muscle will look smaller to begin with as the muscle is compressing the implant but as your tissues and muscles relax the implant will fluff to its original size  hence the term fluff and the drop well the implant dosn't actually drop its the filling inside the implant that settles to the bottom giving the appearance of dropping. 

Over the muscle will look a little different but they akso drop n fluff and they can appear to look biger. 

Here is a pic on D&F i found


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