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Hi Ladies, 

Has anyone out there been told they have Tuberous breasts and/or have had them corrected? For as long as I can remember I’ve had weird looking breasts and last year a surgeon mentioned I may have Tuberous Breasts after him looking at photos. I have been doing my research a lot lately and have come across a few surgeons who fix this problem, Dr Tavakoli in Sydney and Dr Moradi in Sydney (Through CosMediTour). Dr Tavakoli is quite expensive though, I’ve been quoted $18,500 for a BA + Lift which is what was recommended after I completed an assessment form online with photos. 

Has anyone had a BA with CosMediTour, if so which Surgeon and how much did you pay? Was there Medicare attached to it? 


Hope someone one can help me out! 

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Hi @Renee369 I had a consultation with Dr. in Sydney and he told me I had tuberous breasts. He recommended that I firstly have a lift and then a BA at a later stage. I couldn't recommend him higher! He's very experienced with tuberous breasts and made me feel very comfortable! 


I know that it can be a lot of money but these will last you 10+ years and tuberous breasts are very complicated to fix so I would really recommend going to a surgeon with a lot of experience with them such as Dr T or Dr.


I would definitely make sure that the person doing your BA at CosMediTour has previously done tuberous breasts as they have a different construction to normal breasts.


Also there is medicare attached to mine, not much about 2000 but that's still quite a bit :)

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Thanks for your response! @Ezza98

Its nice to know I’m not the only one out there with them haha. 

I just did some research on Dr. and his work looks to be great! Why did he recommend the lift and BA at different stages? 

I will get in contact with him/ his team and book in a consultation. Im also going to get my GP to have a look and see if they refer me to anyone in particular. 

Do you mind me asking how much the procedure was for you? 


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@Renee369 I used to think I was as well but this site has shown me there's a lot like us out there! 

He recommended them two different stages because if he did it all in one then my nipples would stretch over the implants and become massive! So he decided to firstly reduce them and do a lift so that it all heals properly and then possibly 8 months later do the implants so it won't be all stretched and they will be a normal size.


I haven't had my procedure yet and finances are all getting sorted still with the private health fund and such but at the moment it's around the same price that Dr Tav said to you. However just seeing Dr  outcomes on his website, it makes me so happy to pay it rather than spending 10k at a normal place and not being happy at all with the results and then needing another one!


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Why dont you go for your consult with Dr Moradi and see some of his results - his patients speak very highly of him and I think he is a great surgeon who does a lot of breast work.

Dr Tavakoli does high volume tuberous and revision surgery and I do think he is worth the price

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