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Documenting my BA journey

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20th July 2018:

Hi all! I'm making this post to document my BA journey.

I'm in my early 20s and have been wanting a BA for a couple of years now. I'm 162cm and 57kg, have never been pregnant and no intention in the future. I'm measured at a 30D/32C but I have never felt like my size. I very severely lack upper pole fullness and my sternum protrudes out a fair bit.

Hoping to go up around 2 cup sizes, around 300-400cc but haven't formally decided. Most likely going for round Mentor unders.

Thanks for reading!

So far the Drs I have consulted with (via email/messaging) are as follow:

Bangkok Plastic Surgery - Dr Pichet Rodchareon

Bumrungrad International Hospital - No Drs assigned yet but I will be asking for Dr Teerasit (Sripan) Sripanidkulchai

Preecha Aesthetic Institute (PAI) - No Drs assigned yet but they have 2 for me to choose from - Dr.Burin Wangjiraniran and Dr.Sutin Khobunsongserm

Masterpiece Clinic - They assigned me Dr Wutthiwat Anupansawang but I heard from a friend who had good experience with Dr Somboon Waiprib.


Email consultation with Bangkok Plastic Surgery (Dr Pichet Rodchareon)

The good:

  • Lowest price quoted amongst all I've consulted (this is quite a huge factor for me unfortunately)
  • Dr replies to emails fast, although can sound a little short at times
  • Pics he's sent of other patients look really good
  • Seems to have a fair bit of good reviews for BAs
  • He will do revisions for free if you are unhappy with results

The bad:

  • Claims to be board certified but when I asked him which board he was certified under, he just said that he's been doing this for 28 years
  • Style of photography for his previous work is inconsistent (= can't really verify if they're done by him?)
  • Patient will be made to sign a T&C form which states that he will not be liable for any danger/disfigurement/damage and that we will not be allowed to take legal action if we are unhappy with his work (is this common??)
  • When I asked if there were previous patients who have come back for a revision + why a correction was needed, he just said 'least'

Email consultation with Bumrungrad International Hospital (Dr Komwit Kaewchaijaroenkit)

Heard many good reviews about this hospital and decided to email them but unfortunately they were way out of my budget at over 2x my budget without accounting for the long list of (compulsory) add-ons that the quoted price does not cover. :(

Email consultation with PAI

Unfortunately also around 2x my budget so I'll have to give them a pass 

Email consultation with Masterpiece Clinic (Dr Wutthiwat Anupansawang)

The good:

  • Reasonably priced
  • Results from the few photos they've sent me of other patients look pretty good
  • Was recommended by an acquaintance

The bad:

  • They are sparse in replies and sometimes require prompting (this is reallllly annoying..)
  • Unable to show me the scars from previous patients
  • Update: after I sent them all my pictures and more follow up questions, they completely stopped replying my messages


22nd July 2018:

Just booked my flights and have my surgery scheduled on the 20th of August with Dr Pichet Rodchareon...I'm a bundle of nerves!


26th July 2018:

Paid my deposit and have my flights and accommodation booked for surgery on the 20th of August by Dr Pichet Rodchareon. I'm pretty sure reality hasn't sunk in yet since I don't feel the full jitters, but I'm sure it will come in time! Have my boyfriend going on the trip together to help take care of me, yay!

Dreading what it will be like when I come back though  My parents don't know and I do not intend to let them know about my surgery but I might be in the midst of moving house so if I can't carry all the heavy boxes...they're going to be suspicious since I used to be pretty athletic and can carry all the heavy stuff.


31st July 2018:

So it's approximately 20 days to my surgery and I've started some pre-op preparations. Hopefully this checklist will be helpful for someone!

✓ Travel neck pillow
✓ Download shows on Netflix
✓ Bought 4 post-op bras (I can't do laundry that often)
✓ Button/zip tops and pajamas
✓ Educate my bf on how to dry, blow and comb my hair lol (he hasn't mastered the tying part so I think I would probably twin french braid my hair going into surgery so I don't have to worry about it and can sleep comfortably)
✓ Hot water bottle for lower back aches
✓ Ice bag  Didn't need it, plus it was kind of impossible to ice them while I was wearing the bra
✓ Bio oil for scars after they heal
✓ Small water bottle with a straw
✓ Retainers for my nostril piercings
✓ Bed wedge pillow
✓ Facial sponge - for when you cannot have a proper shower, having a wet sponge to wipe down your face is really helpful


20th August 2018:

Day of surgery! Driver provided by the clinic arrived at my Airbnb 10 minutes before scheduled time and I was booked into the clinic at 7am. When I reached the clinic, a nurse led me to a room to explain and sign some forms. She was holding a stack of printed emails between Dr Pichet and I with all the pictures included - impressive! Dr came in and explained about the negative review I mentioned in the Roll Call topic to reassure me. He was also clear and honest with what I can expect (unfortunately, my ultimate wish boobs in my album would have required me to go up to 400-500cc). He recommended me to go for 275 or 300cc based on another set of wish photos I showed him. After much consideration and trying on the implants, I went for 300cc smooth round Mentor implants unders with infra-mammary incisions. I then paid the remainder of the surgery cost and then went to take a shower in the bathroom with antibacterial soap that was provided and got changed into the hospital gown. I was then led into my recovery room and had my measurements taken and marked by the nurse. Then, I was whisked off to the operating theatre. To be honest, I hadn't really felt true nervousness until I was lying on the operating bed and they were putting the needle through my hand to administer the GA. But I had little time to feel nervous because the last thing I remember was hearing the anaesthesiologist tell me that I was going to fall asleep in a few minutes and then I was out.

Around 10am, I woke up groaning and crying in pain. According to my bf, 3 syringes of morphine were administered intravenously to me. I remember my throat hurting like crazy and it was so dry but I couldn't have water for the next 20 minutes. I was wrapped up tightly in bandages (no bra) and

my back/chest/armpit area was SO sore, it hurt to move. I then continued to sleep and woke up around 1.30pm so I could eat and take my meds. More sleeping afterwards and I stayed overnight at the clinic with 24hr nursing service. Needed assistance getting up and lying down on the bed. No showering.


21st August 2018:


Still very sore, woke up crying in pain a couple of times. My chest muscles kept contracting which made it very painful - it was really hard to try and relax them! I got out from my bandages and into a post op bra + bandages. Felt a lot of sloshing when I walked which made me very nauseous. I can walk slowly, unassisted but still need a lot of help getting in and out of bed. Checked out of the clinic in the morning after they took my blood pressure, temperature and heart rate. Went back to my Airbnb feeling in better spirits so I walked out with the bf to buy food but apparently it was too much for me to take since I felt extremely weak afterwards and night time was absolute hell. I felt immense pain and contraction in my chest area and it was impossible to find a comfortable position to sleep in (no reclining bed in Airbnb). I was waking up every 2-3 hours due to the pain and I messaged the nurse and she told me she would ask the driver to pick me up at 8 in the morning to come back to the clinic for a check. Could only shower myself from chest down. Needed assistance in wearing clothes.


22nd August 2018:


Took an ibuprofen at around 6am and by the time I woke up at 7.30am, the pain had basically subsided almost fully. I went to the clinic anyway and had IV morphine administered. Checked out of the clinic at around 11.30am and was in much better spirits and appetite. Spent the entire day watching shows and napping. I messaged the nurse in the evening to let her know that I haven't had a BM since 18th Aug and she advised me to drink some prune juice. Couldn't find any so I ate some dried prunes before bed.


23rd August 2018:


Woke up at around 1.30am for a very small BM and I still felt extremely bloated and uncomfortable. Woke up in the morning in good spirits as well and I'm beginning to be able to get out of bed without assistance sometimes - all the previous times have been spent sleeping upright btw. Still no proper BM so I ate a banana. The nurse very kindly bought a bottle of prune juice and delivered it to my apartment. Top notch service, I'm honestly very impressed and grateful! Spent most of the day staying home to watch TV but decided to go out at night for dinner and a bit of shopping. Finally managed a proper BM! Could only shower myself from chest down. Needed assistance in wearing clothes.


24th August 2018:


Went back to the clinic at 9am for a final check to remove my bandages. Had to wear a strap to assist my boobs in dropping and keeping my cleavage together. Nurses taught me how to take care of my wound and they sent me back with a full bag of medical supplies so I don't have to buy my own! Spent the day walking around Bangkok and then the clinic arranged for a driver to send us to the airport for our flight. Could finally have a proper shower but I didn't wash my hair since I didn't think I was able to - went to a salon instead to have a hair wash and had my hair put up in braids so I didn't have to deal with it for the next few days.


25th August 2018:


Just some final thoughts - I'm very glad the surgery was a success, I think my boobs look fantastic already and I'm so in love with them! I think that it was very necessary for me to have my bf help me throughout the initial recovery phase and I can't imagine how bad I would have it if it wasn't for his help. I've also relooked at my pre-op checklist and highlighted/cancelled out some stuff on the list - hopefully someone finds it useful!

If given another chance, I would still pick Dr Pichet. He was very kind and warm, as with his team of nurses. All of them could speak English, were extremely professional and would readily assist me if I needed help. They also had a 24hr standby nurse I could text if I needed help after I was out of the clinic and I was very touched that they went out of their way to buy me the prune juice for my constipation.

Dr Pichet quoted a very competitive price which covered a lot of things including a post op bra, medication + supplies, chauffeurs to/fro the clinic, airport pickup/drop off and a stay in the clinic, just to name a few. I have read some reviews saying that he didn't just see his patients as a cash cow and after being under his care, I definitely agree with the reviewer. Very genuine and friendly guy. Overall, I am extremely happy and satisfied with my surgery experience :)

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@sggirl4ps Reality will set in as you arrive at the hospital. Great to hear your boyfriend is coming with you, you need that support :)

It took me a week to tell my Mum, I was stressing out sooo bad as I tell her everything! When I did tell her, she laughed and said I'm silly for stressing out and of course she'll support me. She said I'm an adult, it's my decision and my life. I'm 34yrs old by the way haha

At the end of the day, your parents should support you no matter what, even if they don't agree with your decision. Your happiness comes first.

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Aww that's nice! I casually asked my step mum where she got her double eyelid surgery done because I wanted to have PS (not double eyelid surgery though) too and she basically just scolded me and said I didn't need surgery ANYWHERE on my body. Coming from someone who constantly criticised me every single time she sees me...ugh it's annoying and contradicting.

Sometimes I feel like there's no easy way to bring it up, lol! Asian families don't talk about 'intimate' (breasts) things so casually and without shame. But ah well, at the end of the day, it's my body and having the surgery done will make me feel much better than if I didn't. :)

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Hello everyone! I too have had breast augmentation in Manila in 2009. It was the best decision for me. I was a 36A then now 38B.I haven't posted any vids yet but I might if its possible. Speaking of videos, I watched a lot of vids prior to my surgery and it helped a lot for speedy recovery. I had my breast aug done in Manila by Dr Rino Lorenzo. Good doctor and great staff as well. Highly recommended. Anyways goodluck to all newbies here!

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16 hours ago, dignamom42 said:

Hello everyone! I too have had breast augmentation in Manila in 2009. It was the best decision for me. I was a 36A then now 38B.I haven't posted any vids yet but I might if its possible. Speaking of videos, I watched a lot of vids prior to my surgery and it helped a lot for speedy recovery. I had my breast aug done in Manila by Dr Rino Lorenzo. Good doctor and great staff as well. Highly recommended. Anyways goodluck to all newbies here!


Honestly, why isn't this (or similar) accounts banned yet? They seem to be nothing more than shill accounts with them making irrelevant comments on posts (this thread is to document MY journey..) and they ALL always have the same template of mentioning them having their surgery in that particular country by Dr Firstname Lastname and about how good he is??


In particular, the 3 users who have shilled about this particular doctor @ravishingurl29, @annie23 and @Lemonadeforshades all have literally only made accounts to post about the Dr once and were never online again.

As for @heartofgold9, @caringmom45 and @dignamom42, literally EVERY SINGLE COMMENT of theirs has the doctor's full name and location inserted somewhere in their comments. Not to mention, ALL three accounts have used the phrase "my good doctor/surgeon + Dr Firstname Lastname".

Mods, please ban these accounts. A good doctor will build a reputation on their own through their patients, not through disgusting business practices like these.

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