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At just three weeks post-op, my girlfriend is thrilled with the results of her facial surgery in Germany with Dr. Bart van de Ven, under:

1. Upper eyelid surgery + eyelid egyptian corrector (lifting up the corner, she look like a movie star! :) ).
2. Cheek augmentation and Jawline correction (Medpor implant) + fat injections.
3. Chin correction with augmentation + fat injections.
4. Upper lip lift with augmentation + fat injections.
5. Fat injections in every place of her face that was needed.

...that made a beautiful difference in her appearance and she looks and feel 10 years younger!

She look like movie star, she is really happy!

Our old experience with other plastic surgeons in Germany:
1. Most of the German surgeons not skilled and experienced in sophisticated situations!
2. In complex situations, they act like a dumb and a backward man.
3. After consultation, during surgery and in the last seconds, they act according to their desire and taste.
4. Most German plastic surgeons are careless and unscrupulous in aftercare, advice or admitting issues.
5. They are very pessimistic and they do not risk at all.
6. They do not understand the meaning of a millimeter! They do the job with high visibility mistake!
7. At the end of the surgery, you do not expect your face to hold the same symmetry!!!

Our experience with Dr. Bart van de Ven:
1. His office staff are helpful and effective.
2. He will make the process as smooth as possible.
3. Indeed, he knows the size of each millimeter of displacement and changes in the person's face!

I can highly recommend Dr. Bart van de Ven as a fantastic facial plastic surgeon.

I hope the above is useful and hope that in every place in the world you will be careful about choosing a right surgeon.

Hesam Seyed Mousavi
Frankfurt, Germany

Hesam Seyed Mousavi.jpg

Hesam Seyed Mousavi 02.jpg

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