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Breast reduction ~ teenageer

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Hi, I recently discovered this online forum and immediately felt like I was not alone in my worries and unstable self-image. I'm a 15 year old teenage girl turning 16 in December and am very unhappy with my breast size. I have quite a petite frame so my double d breasts look a little disproportionate (in my eyes). I also am suffering from really bad neck pain and lower back pain in which I always find myself hunching and need to correct myself. The worst stretch marks imaginable are all over my breasts, I'm talking dark purple scarring. These also are on my bum, hips and inner thighs. I'm not overweight, but this year I have recently gained a little weight due to previous unhealthy eating habits. Last year, I used to be very skinny, and developed almost what you could classify as an eating disorder. I used to shame my body image and cry myself to sleep hating the way I looked, it was just a very rough time for me. I skipped meals, hid food which I later threw away and shamed myself every time I would have temptation to eat chocolate or other sugary foods loaded with NICE YUMMY calories. Then I realised I had to stop, so I literally just stopped and discovered my love for food and SWEETS ~ along came my dairy intolerance too. However, as I gained this weight, along plopped a bum and bigger boobs accompanied by stretch marks oh and a stomach pouch. So, my breasts before were about just touching a D and now they are probably double that. I hate having big breasts, although for some of you women out there on this forum may think thats a reasonable size, but for a teenage girl I just want them gone!!! I would rather be completely flat chested and have no tits then have my heavy breasts any longer. I really really REALLY want a breast reduction. I want to change from a DD to a B/32B. And can I just say.....THE CLOTHES. IT IS SO HARD TO FIND A TOP NOT TO MENTION A COMFY BRA!!!!! Every time my mom and I have tried to go bra shopping it's just ended in tears. I get so frustrated when I try on a beautiful bra, but it's just so damn small and uncomfortable. And I barely have ANY shirts or tops because they just look so weird and make me look fat because the shirt just goes straight down from over my breasts showing non of my physique whatsoever. This is why I would love to have smaller breasts. Wow, sorry this is sounding like a persuasive writing piece. Many of my friends have smaller breasts which look so good and i literally DREAM of them!! I haven't been to the beach in like a year, I'm just so ashamed of showing off my body and my boobs which are covered in unattractive stretch marks. Btw sorry for this rant. Oh, and plus the unwanted attention from guys not to mention sometime even OLD MEN!!!! Anyways, my mom has agreed to book a consultation with a doctor/surgeon to ask about a possible breast reduction. I legitimately am dreaming of the day where I have small tits and get to flaunt my curves with confidence and buy all these wonderful clothes and go BRA SHOPPING which will hopefully be SUCCESSFUL!! So, the reason I'm posting on this forum (which I hope I will get replies I don't really know how it works) is to hopefully receive some advice or answers on what I should do, surgeons and all the other stuff that comes along with having a breast reduction. I have done a lot of research as well, but I don't know if I should wait till I'm 18 for one or do it sooner as I know theres a waiting list (damn). 

Anyways, thanks xx

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