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Breast augmentation December 2018 Dr Veerawat

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After more than two years of researching and thinking up and down I finally decided to have breast augmentation but only made from my first choice doctor 2 years back, I’m so nervous yet excited I know I’m in a right hand, I’m petite 32 no kids 48kg and 152height, I am flat chested and always feel self conscious and didn’t want to stand straight as I feel embarrassed in my body shape, I love sexy clothes but loosing interest to wear them because it feels ugly with my flat boobs , I’m booked this December 14 in Bangkok Thailand and yay! Boobie month! 


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Hi @Conscious Lady and welcome to the site. Good on you for taking the plunge and having your boobs done, @sabP is right it will boost your self confidence so much and wearing all those sexy cloths so much more sexy with boobs ?. If i can offer one piece of advice is go for the bigger implant, 90% of people after about 3/6 months wish they had gone bigger. 

I was an Australian 12 A before my BA and have 440cc hp anatomical implants under the muscle and am now a happy 12 E but i do get boob greed from time to time lol (its real) 

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