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Dr Boonchai ladies

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Wow I have not  been in here for ages and am suprised that there still is alot of chatting going on about overseas surgery, last time I was in here it was a bit quiet ...

Its great to see ladies can come in here to get more info as well other than social media,  this is where all my info came from when I first started doing my research all those years ago ( 8 ) 

Howmany ladies are still here and had surgeries with Dr Boonchai or are looking at having him as a surgeon ? I am a Boobchai girl lol

I know alot of ladies are after before and after photos of his work so I created a facebook page dr boonchai before and after photos if anyone wants to add pics to help other ladies on their journey it

is  a closed group ...

i will add the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/219679715293238

chat later ladies mumO5

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