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Dr Birch or Dr McGovern - please help decide

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Good morning ladies, I have been stalking this forum for a while but this is my first post.

I am having my surgery in December but still cant pick between Theo Birch and Mark McGovern and need to book asap (like today) to secure my date.

Birch is 2k cheaper and includes an overnight stay but he is very new to the Coast so only feedback of his work is off here and there are a couple of unhappy ladies. McGovern does have a longstanding reputation on the coast but I cant find any feedback from former BA patients anywhere. 

Any recomendations would be so appreciated!

I am leaning towards McGovern as I just felt like he was more experienced and he is no bra after surgery (I hate bras)

Confused AF! Hopefully someone can help.

Thanks you ?

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Hiya, don't have any advice re: surgeons but just wanted to say welcome to the forum and congrats on booking your surgery! What are you having done? 

I am also on the sunny coast and having my surgery just after you 14th December :) I'm heading to bris to have mine though with Dr Richardson! 

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On 8/31/2018 at 7:48 AM, SunnyCoast said:

Hey, thanks for the welcome ?

I am having a BA done, Hubby is especially looking forward to Christmas this year haha.

Just have to pick my size now. Im 54kg and 162cm (I think) going either 400 or 450 teardrop.

Welcome :) im 171cm and 56kg and at 3mpo with 395cc anatomical did you want to check out my pics, 

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