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Rhinoplasty disappointment ... anyone else?

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Hi everyone,

I am completely new here, so I'll apologise right away if I'm going to get in trouble for this...sorry! But I thought I would jump on and post something in the hope that others may be able to reach out to me...I had a primary rhinoplasty in 2015...I wasn't made aware of all the risks of what was to be done, nor was everything I asked for completed! In short, it was a bit of a disaster! I am very unhappy to say the least, I am now referring the matter to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. For legal reasons, I can't actually publicly name the surgeon involved, but is it possible to private message me and let me know the name of the surgeon you had a bad experience with and if we have the same surgeons, we can discuss further? I'll have to figure out how to access my private messages too, lol!

I really feel it is unfair to take money from a client and promise everything then fail to advise the likely risks along with not completing everything that was asked. Basically a breach of contract. Now I have to pay another surgeon to do what should have been done the first time...not happy at all; so disappointing.

The details I can give publicly are that I had my rhinoplasty in the Gold Coast. I don't need any other details from anyone who is willing to come forward, only the surgeon name so that we can touch base further if we both went through a similar instance with the same surgeon. Everything will be treating confidentially at all times, unless mutually agreed otherwise. I am hoping that what I have posted here is appropriate and I'm not breaking any forum rules! Thank you.


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