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Tall girls with size D boobs what size implants did you get?

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i am 5’11 weigh 70kgs and currently have very saggy d cup sized boobs. I went for my consult today and my surgeon recommended going 350CC and said that would make me an e cup. Is there any other girls out there with similar sizing to me currently, what size did you go and how did they look? I just want to make sure that size would look big enough on my frame cause I have broad shoulders

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How saggy are your boobs? If they’re ‘very’ saggy I don’t think putting in an implant is a good idea. Also, is it worth it to only go up to an E cup? (A decent size, but considering your already a D, it’s not a big jump). I’m not sure 350cc will give you what you are after. 

Which surgeon did you see?

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Hi and welcome,  I'm not overly tall only 5'7  (170 cm) but would have to agree with the other girls, I'd get a seccond consult as it all depends on how saggy your breasts  are as you may need a lift with implants, also i dont think 350 will be enough to balance out your tall frame and broad shoulders. I  have 440cc hp and they balance me out nicely. 

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