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Where have all the good furry Brazilians gone??

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I remember a time - a good few years ago - when furry Brazilians implants were the in-thing! The stats on them were excellent - they vastly reduced the chances of capsular contraction occurring. The only 'down' side - if one could call it that - was that only certain specialised plastic surgeons offered them as an option as they were a fair bit more difficult to insert properly and even more difficult to remove. I had mine done in 2012 and I have never looked back again! They look even better now - and more natural - 6 years later!

I have had two more babies since and now that the skin has stretched somewhat I feel that I'd like to go even bigger - around 800 to 1000 cc.  I was wondering whether Silimed now made larger sized implants in the 800 to 1000 cc range?  Unfortunately my research on the topic did not progress very far as it appears that the Silimed brand (in Brazil) did not survive the 2015 controversy they had over contaminants.  Now if you look at their website www.silimed.com one is re-routed to www.sientra.com.  Sientra were the distributors of Silimed in the USA and after some sort of legal battle between Silimed and Sientra it would appear as though Sientra came out on top!

Can anybody here provide any further details on what happened to Silimed in Brazil? Have they completely closed down and has their "furry Brazilians" range of implants been terminated?

I'm rather interested in this as I believe that their furry Brazilian range are the very best silcone implants ever produced and I would love to use them again  if and when I have a followup procedure.

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As far as I am aware they are no longer available in Australia and when they were it was only Cosmetic Surgeons who used them, not plastic surgeons. There were contaminants found in them and they were banned and since then there has been higher associated risk of ALCL and other problems. You may need to consult with some surgeons to find a suitable replacement for your revision. Happy to hear they were good for you, but you may need to re-think for your upgrade :) 

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If I had to upgrade or revise a few years ago, I would have been like yourself and gone for what I know which is the furry Brazilians.....which is what I have currently. I am 4 years post op and very happy with the outcome. They look natural to me...…...and to my husband.  :) But with the controversy with them now, if I had to have a revision soon I personally would be researching other brands of implants and seeing what the plastic surgeons recommend for me. It's your body and you have a right to what you think is best...…...but I would advise you to also look at other implants.

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I know a little bit about this because I'm booked in with Dr Rastogi and he uses PU implants.  Silimed are now banned in Australia because they were found to have some contaminants on the surface of the implants.  Apparently it was caused by a problem with their air-conditioning (a few Melbourne surgeons told me this in consults, so I'm not sure if that's true).  Anyhow, you can still get PU implants, but they are manufactured by Polytech, a German company.  

It does seem, from what I've read, that the PU implants have a higher risk of ALCL because they are highly textured. 

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Hi girls,

I have the Polytech German implants. I'm not happy with them, they actually look pretty good  - as in Dr M style, very natural, however one implant has started rippling for me, and it's also caused discomfort. I have had multiple consults with different PS and they suggested to have them taken out at some point, it if wasn't causing me pain and discomfort I could leave them in longer. 

I was recommended these implants as I do a lot of exercise (weights, running etc) and they don't move, low cc etc. *eye roll* 

If I had my turn again, I would definitely go with a different brand. My right breast looks fantastic, but the left one is definitely rippling and digging in. This is caused by the fact that they really stick to you. 

Definitely don't go down this path. This is my personal experience. I will be having revision next year. 


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I have Polytech German implants & absolutely adore them. Dr Patrick Tansley in Brisbane (he also has a practice in Melb - both called North East Plastic Surgery) did my surgery & I am almost 4 yrs down the track & have not had a single issue with them. I have & always will be a big supporter of these implants. They aren't for everyone but serve their purpose for those that do get them. I will get them again if I ever have to go down that track again in the future. 

I think you dont hear much about them anymore because they are no longer "new" & the controversy around the silimed brand has gone away. You can definitely still get PU implants but only the Polytech brand. You'd just need to ask around to see who does them. I know there are a few Surgeons that use them. 

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