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Friday fun!!!!

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Lets all have some friday fun. 

Tell me something amazing about your wk, share a boobie selfie and lets talk the night away ... do you feel boob satisfaction? Did u get what u wanted from your ba ?? 

Heres mine but crazy uneven ? i thought it was the way i held the camera last time but just took this now and still uneven :( can u see it or is it just me?? 

I have had a great wk. Lost 3kgs and feeling positive! Had a great day with the kids yesterday and really looking forward to school holidays:)


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Hey hun... I guess they are a little uneven, but they are sisters, not twins - so often they are not identical (mine are not identical either and I love them both equally!!). However, yours are awesome and beautiful and I hope you are happy with your girls!! Congrats on the weight loss too :D

I've had a good week too, reconnected with some friends I haven't seen in ages, the weather over here is finally getting warm and Spring like, so I've enjoyed getting out for runs and walks.

Here's my Friday boobie-selfie - I'm now 9 1/2 months post-op and still loving the girls. The D & F is pretty much complete and I just feel fabulous in and out of clothes :D:D


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Hi ?? I’m 3 months post-op now and very happy having been completely flat before (after breast feeding 2 kids for 2 yrs each). 

Its amazing to have boobs! 

Work is great too at the moment, I just bought a business and it’s so nice to be working for myself. 

Last day of school today so have the kids on holidays for 2 weeks, it’s going to be intense! They are 6.5 and 4. 


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I too had a pretty good week, the salon has been busier now the weather is getting warmer and so is the PT and fitness classes.  I also have been on a health kick and lost 3 kg aiming for 7 so treated myself to a couple of new bras in a 10 F ????? I'm not complaining as i was barely an A before boobs, looking forward to the long weekend here in Perth with the hubby n kids. Here is my boobie pic 10.5 mpo so safe to say the D&F has stopped now and very happy with my new additions. 


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@mumma k looking amazing hun!! Yes school hols here ive got 3 kids (6,8&15) always full on trying to keep them all happy and busy 

@JD* it will b your turn soon luvvy xx

@I HaveBoobs yay well done hun!! Nothing better than steppung stone goals and rewards!! Best way to do it for some ppl. I do the same! Ive got my first goal/reward at 7kgs - new gym gear!! Then 5kgs after for a new dress and 5kgs after for a small tat! Keep up the good work hun. Looking amazing too x


@TheFox thats ok hun xx 

I got some pre work out drink from the fitness shop, start my day with a banana (hard to do cause im not a morn eater) then drink and gym, water all day loads to flush. Eggs for lunch and meat/fish/veg for tea. Walk after tea. 


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@TheFox  I invest in a good fat burner I'm taking TNT Ignite its an L-carnatine base formula and really works for me,  then i start my day off with 1 whole egg and the whites of another to make scrambled eggs and put it on 1/2 an english muffin with a bit of smoked Salomon then i have 10 -15 cashews as  or almonds as a snack and a protein shake after my gym workout,  lunch is usually some sort of lean protein steamed veg or salad and dinner is normally the same but you really have to watch your portion sizes (i tell my pt clients to stick to the fist, fist, palm method) veg, startchy carbs n lean protein which is about 110g un cooked for the avarage height/weight person and as long as you are purposely moving 30/40 minutes a day it is possible to loose 3 kg in a week oh and try not to drink your calories  (it really is 80 % diet and 20% exercise ) ?

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