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Tuberous breast surgury

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Hey everyone xD

Firstly, thanks for reading and or replying.

So basically.. I've found out I have tuberous breasts type two... :( 

I've had a consultation.. I am planning to get more from other surgeons (I was thinking Douglas mcmanamny in melbourne or dr turner in sydney)

Before I make a decision.. I really want to be more prepared for when I speak to other surgeons. I was kind of hoping and would really appreciate it if I could get your thoughts/opinions/experiences

The first question I have is who is the best specialist/surgeon in Australia for this correction?

What were your experiences/options ( fat transfer, implants - type, lifts, expansion) in regards to the procedure and what did your surgeon reccomended based on your circumstances.

The surgeon that I went to for a consultation basically told me I only had one option which was to get aerolas reduced and breast implants (solid silicon, 350 max - as my body wouldn't handle it). I'm really sceptical because he couldn't actually physically show me before and after pictures of someone who has this condition and he didn't really seem that confident.

I've done a lot of research and I understand that this is the basic formality in correcting this and I understand that everyone is different but he didn't really seem willing to explore other options with me like fat transfer, lift/Expansion and showed me a computer stimulation and they basically looked the same. Has anyone had this sort of experience when consulting with a surgeon/s and have they been consistent with what they have said?

What is the scarring like exactly? Does it completely disapear? How long does it take to go away? What are the best products to use? 

Please don't spare any details in answering.. anything you experienced and can think of will definitely help.

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Hi @Lbear

Although I haven't experienced the surgery yet (booked in for december) I have had a consultation for Tuberous breasts. I had mine with Dr ., who is a fantastic surgeon and VERY experienced with tuberous breasts. If you look at his website then you'll see before/afters of his work on them.

He told me I would need to have a 2 step procedure, firstly a lift and then the breast implants. 

This is due to the fact if he just put the implants in straight away it would cause more stretch marks and create really big areolas.

I have heard that Dr Tavakoli in Sydney is also a great option for Tuberous Breasts. He also has before and afters on his website. 

I would say the best two surgeons for tuberous breasts in Australia are those two

I hope this helps and good luck! 

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