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Xmas Boobies in Thailand!

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Thank you @I HaveBoobs

I had sent photos of the boobs that I like and am sure that I want round, HP implants but we will decide on size once I get to Thailand. The surgeon had recommended 275-350cc. 

My stats:

27 y/o, 171cm, 64kg currently a small B cup and would like to be a D. 

It took a lot of deciding whether to go through CosMedi in Thailand - although they do have good reviews (the chick that does my eyebrows got hers done there and raves about them), there was still the fear of having a medical procedure done so far away from home (I'm in NZ). I had looked in Aus but it was not far off the price of a boob job here in NZ. Not saying price is the most important factor at all, but I did have to factor it in.. 

I went to a PS here in NZ for a consult, so that I could talk to someone face to face about the risks, sizes etc before I go to Thailand. He said he does 30-40 boob jobs a year, and he specialises in it! Not enough experience for me. Plus he spent the whole time trying to sell me on lower-profile tear drops. He spoke for 45 minutes without even asking what I wanted! When I told him I wanted HP rounds he almost physically recoiled "Oh.. you mean American style.." .. then the consult was over!

Am very excited! But do still feel a bit scared occasionally! ?

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Good on you for standing up for what you want and i know price is a big factor for most of us, it's good that you actually got to have a face to face consult to discuss the in and out of having a BA so at least you are well informed but its a bummer the surgeon you spoke to was dismissive about you wanting round HP and not all round hp look fake either my close girlfriend has uhp rounds and hers look natural but not if you know what I mean.  I too know of a couple of people that have been through cosmeditour Thailand and are very happy with their results so i believe you will too. If you are a small B then the 350 CC will get you pretty close to your desired D cup as a general rule of thumb its around 150/200 cc per cup size but also be aware you can loose around 30-50cc if you go under the muscle. Good luck with your BA journey ? 

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