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Hello I’m new here and need help. I’ve recently lost 50+kgs and now have empty socks as breasts and a flap of skin for a tummy! I’m going to need a Mummy makeover. I’m looking into Thailand for my surgery as I love the country and know I can relax and recover away from the day to day jobs I won’t stop doing if I was at home. I’ve been looking into Dr Teerasut, Dr Witoon and Dr Veerawat. Has anybody had surgery by any of them? I’d love her hear good and bad reviews. Thank you?

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HI I have just come back from Thailand and had surgery in Bangkok, Thailand. I had a breast lift, implants and tummy tuck with Dr Teerapat Jaiprasat with Medi Makeovers. The experience was fantastic - Dr Teerapat was so lovely and caring and such an amazing surgeon. I am so happy with the results after having 3 children and  then some weight loss. Medi Makeovers was great - helped me with all my questions and all was so great and everything so streamlined- they are still in touch now and Dr Teerapat answers any of my questions now. Their hotel is amazing and made my recovery so easy and their nurse Kelly comes to the hotel for all check ups. It was half the price of surgery in Australia and the best thing i have ever done!

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