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Left breast swollen 14months after surgery

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Just wondering if anyone can shed some light or had a similiar experience. 

I had my breat aug 14 months ago. I have shaped implants that were placed under the muscle. My right breast has dropped and I thought my left had also but ive noticed it is really high like it was after surgery. The highest part is quite firm also. No pain.

I'm pretty sure I'm noticing the change because it has changed.... I've attached some pics so theres an idea of what im talking about.



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35 minutes ago, Mumof3boys said:

Thanks. I rang before and he is really heavily booked. I have been squeezed in for 2 weeks time and have been asked to have an ultrasound beforehand.

I know they drop at different stages but im 100% sure it wasn't like that a couple of weeks ago.


Good that you can see him in two weeks and an ultrasound prior will be helpful. At 14 months the drop and fluff would be finished, so I don't think it is that. Let us know how you go when you see your surgeon and sending all good wishes your way xo

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