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Anyone had capsular contracture?

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Just had it confirmed this morning by my plastic surgeon my left implant has developed capsular contracture. I can't believe it. 14months after surgery and i thought i was in the clear of majority of complications. 

Anyone else experienced this? From what I have read and what my surgeon has told me it doesn't appear to be overly common.

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Oh no thats not good news , im sorry this has happened to you and just after the 12 month mark especially when you would think you were in the clear must have been like a slap in the face, so sorry hun. 

Will your ps be replacing both of your implants or just the one with cc as im not sure how id feel with a different implant in one boob. I hope your ps can do some kind of deal with the cost of surgery and will the company (implant brand) be covering the cost of your replacement,  i also hope your work is sympathetic to your situation and lets you have the time of work.

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Thanks girls. 

I am just having one implant replaced - yep im getting my head around it. Thankfully work have been really understanding. The cost in total will be $3500 which is cheaper then what I throught it would be. Unfortunately its just one of those things. I've booked in for the 2nd of November.


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