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Need advice regarding over the muscle vs understand the muscle breast implant


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 Hey all,

I'm seeking opinions on pros and cons between implants being placed over the muscle vs under the muscle? 

I'd been really keen hear people's experience with both. 

Also I'm very active and work out at the gym last days so I'm not sure which one is better for people who work out regularly.

And advice would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi,  It all depends on how much existing breast tissue you have to conceal the implant edges and your anatomy (shape of your chest). I am a PT and teach Aerobic classes and i had to go under as i didn't have a lot of breast tissue. 

I don't have any problems with working out but i do modify my chest exercises as have been told that over a period of time it can cause lateral dispacement (a possibility )  which is not something i am willing to chance 

If you have enough tissue and like to work out a lot then over the muscle would be a better option . 

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9 hours ago, Rarrar087 said:

Thanks for your comments ladies @pink butterfly and @I HaveBoobs

I'm confused on which option is best for me as I have had consultation appointments with two surgeons, one saying he'll do over muscle and the other saying under muscle is best... 

If your able to go over the muscle and you like to work out a lot then this will be your better option, your lucky i didnt have enough breast tissue to go overs otherwise I would have ?,  but its ultimately what will be better for yourself so being able to have both must be really doing your head in as not only will you be tossing up on the what size to go but placment also . Hopefully some more members will chip in and give you their experiences.  

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2 hours ago, Rarrar087 said:

Hey, any other members able to provide details of their experience with implants over or under the muscle? I'm still not really sure which to go with.

Any advice, opinions would be greatly appreciated!

Hey hun - I have under the muscle and it worked perfectly for me. It generally depends on your breast tissue, if you have very little then under the muscle is preferable so you don't feel the implant edges. If you have enough breast tissue and like the look of overs and your surgeon recommend them then go for that. It really depends on what look/feel you prefer and what your surgeon has suggested. I see from your earlier post you have had two different surgeons suggest one or the other. But on what basis did they make their suggestions? We don't know your physiological situation. I have no idea if you have a lot of breast tissue or not much at all, so it is a bit difficult asking us to advise you on which is best in your situation.

Also, do a search on this forum, look for over vs under and look for images of befores and afters and see if you can locate anything that is similar to your body physique and then you can make a more informed decision xo

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