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Hey hun... there's a bunch of us Perth girls who have had fantastic experiences with surgeons here. I went with Anthony Williams at Assure. He is a wonderful plastic surgeon, meticulous, professional and I have outstanding results - currently at just over 10 months post-op :D Other girls can give you advice on different surgeons - @I HaveBoobs has had a great experience with Sam Cuneen :):)

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Hi @Bettyboo15 welcome to the group. My surgeon is Sam Cunneen and like @sabP said there are some fabulous surgeon's here in perth. Like SabP's  surgeon Sam is meticulous and through he has a great bedside manor and is a perfectionist,  i am almost 1 yr post op and am absolutely thrilled with my results,  Dr Guy Watts , Dr Mark Hanikeri and( Dr Vij  Assure Cosmetics )  are also very good surgeons  i have friends who have ben with these surgeon's and have also had great results.  

If you have any questions please feel free to message me and good luck with your BA journey ?

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6 hours ago, Bettyboo15 said:

Thank you @I HaveBoobs & @sabP muchily appreciation your response. You both look great. 

First I've heard of your surgeons. I was going to go see dr tony connell as per a referral. Does anyone know of him? 

I don't know of anyone who has been through him personally but i hear he has very good reviews,  have you had a look on Real Self you will find some reviews on him there. 

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