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Anyone have 465cc under muscle

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What is yiur BWD and what width is your implant,  if they fall within 1 cm under or above your bwd then they should be spot on for your anatomy,  are they mod + or high profile,  the mod + tend to be wider with less projection and the hp narrower and more projection.  I have 440cc hp anatomical dual plane so a very similar size  (25 cc is roughly a table spoon ) so the difference is minimal my bwd is 13 abd my implants are 12.5 , if you FR me you will be able to see my progress pics which will give you a rough idea, I'm 5'7 and 70 kg , was a 12 A pre and now a 12 E / 10 F depending on the style of bra,  hope this helps.  

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15 hours ago, Mumof3adelaide said:

Thank you for the reply my bwd is 12.5 and the Implant is the same and it will be HP, I just wasn’t sure because most people with that size are taller than me I’m 5ft 1, sorry I’m new how do I add you lol

Hi hun just accepted your FR so you will be able to see my progress pics now, if you would like to mention someone in a post you will need to hitvthe at button first then their name like this @Mumof3adelaide ?as to the Trx hp in the allergan i havnt heard of them either,  it could relate to the firmness of the gell and implant type or the Biocell coating on the implant which would mean it's a type of textured implant


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Hi @Mumof3adelaide, just in case you didn’t end up finding it, I’ve attached the screen shot and the link to the allergen (natrelle inspiration) TRX listing. It is a textured implant with responsive gel and extra high profile. Although, I cannot see a listing for 465cc but they do have a 470 in the TRX range??



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