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Bad reaction to Filler in cheek

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I had Ellanse filler last year in cheek area and it was lumpy straight away and has never gone away and is also is also discoloured, so much so, I have to hide it with concealer every day.   I did let the injector know and she said to massage the area, but it didn’t go away at all.    I have a noticeable hard lump by my lip and a two quite big ones in my cheek where it is discoloured. The injector sent me to a dermatologist in Perth who sent me for a scan on my cheek, but didn’t really seem to know much about my problem with the filler at all and couldn’t really do anything for me. I went back to see the injector and all she did was give me another referral to see a plastic surgeon in Perth, I havnt done anything about that yet. I thought I would try this forum to see if I can get some advice on plastic or cosmetic surgeons in Perth or someone who has experience in dealing and resolving filler problems like mine.    As I had this filler done late last year it doesn’t look like it’s going to resolve itself. Because of the hard lumps my cheek looks quite uneven in places.    Hope there are people out there than can give me advice on what I can do and who would be the best person to see about my problem in or around Perth.

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