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800 cc implants still sitting high

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Hi Girls,

I am now 1 month post op and have 800cc HP mentor implants under the muscle. They are still sitting quite high on my chest. Im hoping they will drop a lot more and start filling out the bottom of my breast. Do the larger implants take longer to drop? I have been massaging everyday and have noticed some difference but maybe im just being impatient. 

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They will drop just give it time, you are still very early in your recovery,  remember you have just had a foreign object shoved under your very tight chest muscles and like any injury they contract and swell to restrict movement to prevent further injury it takes around 6-8 weeks for this swelling and muscle tightness to settle then your tissues and muscles will relax/stretch and the implant will start to settle into postition, also the tighter your chest muscles were before your op the longer it will take for them to relax. *Months* process not weeks, be patient it will happen ?

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