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Nipple piercings

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Not sure yet @TheFox as they're still healing so strictly hands off and no saliva or other bodily fluids. I've got barbells but in a few weeks time I'd love to switch them for nipple clickers. Think similar to a septum clicker but unlike septums where the jewellery that goes through the hole  can either be curved or straight, nipple clickers are all straight from what I've seen. Yes they do correct inverted nips unless they are grade 3 inverted in which case surgery is the only option. 

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8 hours ago, TheFox said:

oh you got them done - did it hurt like hell? happy healing, keep us updated, very curious as to how they heal

I have damage to my right nipple, it's either hyper sensitive to the point of pain or numb. I expected it to be unbearable but surprisingly it wasn't very painful. I felt the needle it was uncomfortable but not horrible. All good the left will be easy. Nope! The left was way more painful. Yesterday I had them stretched to the correct gauge (14 gauge) as they were pierced at 16 gauge which is incorrect (I should have researched more). The right was more painful being stretched than what it was being pierced with the needle. The left was painful too. I've been told they take 1 year to be fully healed.

I'm wearing nursing pads in my bras in case I get some bleeding and to stop rubbing. I'm going braless at night which I never do so they aren't squished in a bra 24/7. I have my consult Wednesday and the ps isn't going to be happy. I asked about nipple piercings and was told he prefers I not have them done pre revision However was told I may not be able to get them pierced post surgery. I've wanted them done for ages and after losing over 40kgs and having less than 20kgs left to lose I feel a lot more body positive even though I feel I'm a bit saggy. I'm also impatient so thought bugger it I'm having them done. Yes I still want a revision but the piercings has changed how I feel about my boobs. 

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