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Breast lift and implants

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Hi everyone 

I’m new and living in Adelaide ? I have a consultation booked to see Dr Kollias for 6th November, I was wondering if anyone has needed a breast lift as well as having implants ? The more I research the more I’m thinking I’ll need a lift too. I’ve had 3 children so they’re looking a little deflated !! ? and in need of some TLC 


Thank you in advance ❤️

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Hi @AS1 and welcome,  it can all get a little overwhelming so make sure you write your questions down as they spring to mind because when you get into your consult you might forget some or all of the questions you wanted to ask. If you pop over to Roll call surgery dates for 2018 @JD* will add you to the list. And there are about 3 other ladies going through Dr Kollias as well  so you guys can all compare notes. ?

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Thank you @I HaveBoobs and great advice, i'm compiling a list as we speak, as i know i am going to forget everything i want to know lol 

Yes i will certainly do that, i feel this community will give me so much support during the process and the recovery, and i'm sure i will have lots of questions before and after :)

I'm looking forward to hearing how the others go with Dr K too.

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