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Please help!! Implant size- High Profile or Extra High Profile


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Hey Guys,

Ok so i just had my consult here in Perth to get a little bit more information before i bite the bullet and put down my deposit with Bangkok Makeovers. The only thing holding me back is the implant size. Dr P only offers Moderate and high profile. now i my consult they recommended extra high profile as a i have a really narrow chest. Can anyone tell me if this will really make much of a difference if i go with high profile?

If not then woo hoo!! deposit is going down!

If any one has any info please help :) im really excited to get this all started

thank you !!

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Hi melc_22, if you have a narrow chest then definately go with the high profile and not the mods. The extra high will just project outward that little bit more than the high, but I don't think it will be terribly much difference between the 2, usually it is about 1cm or just under difference. If your Dr only does mods and highs and you are happy to go with him then I think that will be fine, just go for the HP over the Mods, good luck! :)

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i was very narrow in the chest and my doctors suggested High Profile, Im really happy with the way they turned out! Thinking i could have gone with the XHP but i think for me the HP is enough, it really depends on the look your after and as the other girls says the brand of the implant as to the actual projection. x

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If you dont mind me asking Mel but where abouts in Perth did you go for your consult? And did you find it very helpful?

Im about to book in for a consult before I go but want to make sure its with a good surgeon whose actually going to give me useful advice! And I want high profile to..

Thanks :)

Thanks for all of your advice girls. I will be putting down my deposit tomorrow YAAAAAAY!!!

Lexie, a friend of mine used Dr Chan over here and he provides a free consultation with some lady that

Works for him. If you decide to go ahead with the surgery with him they then charge $180.

I only had the free consultation, I definayely recommend it. I pretty much all ready knew everything she told me. But I went in there thinking i would get moderate size, Silly silly me I def need high profile. If I got moderate they would be like wings at

My side and I'd have 1 boob haha and it was so damn exciting to put the implants in and have a play around

Definitly do it :) makes you that much more comfortable knowing before you go overseas you have a little bit more info in your brain to work with :)

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Ok thanks Mel, I'll definately book in with them then. I think I know exactly what I want but I want to be 100% sure I know what I'm getting!

When abouts are you thinking of going over Mel? I'm heading over with a friend in December, soooooo excited!!

I've just paid my deposit today!!! :D Surgery is planned for Jan 18th 2013 so will be flying over on the 17th. Im so excited! cannot wait!

Another plus with having a consulation here in Perth. she took photos of me with the implants in a little crop top type of bra. I pretty much go back and look at them every day haha so exciting to actually see yourself looking bigger!

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