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Showering after surgery

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22 minutes ago, JD* said:

How soon after surgery can you have a shower, especially washing your hair?


Hey hun, check with your surgeon as their advice differs. Mine said I could shower on day two, which I did, but it was slow and awkward, but nice to be clean :) I got a girlfriend to come over on day four to wash my hair as you can't lift your hands above your head for at least a week (again check with your surgeon). I braided my hair prior to surgery so I didn't have to worry about it for the first few days. By the end of the week I could wash my hair by bending my head and flopping my hair forwards.

You must be getting really excited for your surgery, not much longer now :) :) xo  I had my surgery on 8 December last year, so nearly at my one year boobie-versary :D

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@sabP I'll just put my hair in a plait and leave it for a couple days haha. I'll get my partner to take me to my hairdresser who works from home and get her to wash my hair until I'm able to lift my arms up. Around day 3, washing my hair is a must!

Yep 18 days to goooo! Just want it to hurry up already. Ooooh can't believe it's nearly been a year already! :D

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I could shower from the day after surgery and had no restrictions regarding arm movement so I washed my hair on day 2 or 3 can’t remember exactly! I was a bit stiff but had no trouble doing it. Using the hairdryer was tricky though. Ask your surgeon for his specific recommendations on washing and arm movements but I believe that most favour an active recovery ? 

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I was allowed to take a shower on day two and had full use of my arms but like @sabP said when i tried to wash my hair on about day 4 i think it was very awkward as i was quite stiff (lifting arms was fine but moving very slowly from the stiffness ) so made washing my hair tricky , i did ask hubby to help but being a hairdresser by trade i couldn't stand his floppy hands ? so i bent over and washed my hair like that,  it wasn't the best hair wash but it was clean . 

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