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Cold before surgery

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1 hour ago, JD* said:

I think Im catching the kids sniffles. ? I'm sure it's still fine to go ahead with surgery as long as you have no fever / temp etc. Why is this a common issue for women prior to surgery lol. Is there anything I can take like Echinacea, vitamin c tablets etc??

Hey hun, that is annoying, but you are correct as long as you don't have a fever you will be fine. Echinacea and Vit C and Zinc - there is also a pharmacy med called Ease-a-cold, I find if I take that at the beginning it really lessens the cold symptoms and it ends faster.

I think it's common due to the stress/nerves pre-surgery and a slightly lowered immune system. xo

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Depending on how close your surgery is I would speak to your surgeon before taking anything. Some surgeons advise you to stop taking all vitamins up to two weeks before surgery. That being said, every surgeon has a different opinion on the topic ? vitamin C will most likely be fine. However, I’ve never found it to be much help with sickness once it has already hit. 

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