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Scar recovery

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21 minutes ago, Ezza98 said:

Hey guys!

I Have my breast surgery in less than a week (woo!) and was just wondering... what are the best products for the scaring that will occur?



Hey lovely, your surgeon will advise you on scar care and you also will get follow up advice at your first post-op appointment. My first scar tape was removed at my week one appointment and then weekly for five weeks. After that you can use scar creams like Stratamed or Strataderm, which I did for a while, but my scars faded well and quickly. I am now almost 12 months post-op and my scars are almost invisible. Healing depends on the skill of your plastic surgeon with the incision and your skin type and how well you heal or scar generally. :)

Good luck for your surgery xo

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7 hours ago, Frankie* said:

Did either of you ladies use or consider silicon tape e.g Scar FX? I’m reading mixed reviews. Am heading in for my BA and BL and am pale skinned, so scars will be v.obvious!

I did try the scar FX tape for a while but found them no better than the scar creams and very expensive for what they are,  just my personal opinion.  

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