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Bruising and soreness after first time lip filler


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I had my lips done for the first time today. 1ml of restalyne. I had a heart attack when she first made me look in the mirror! They were huge!

I bruised up immediately. Lots of swelling and the top lip is very sore and tight. Is it normal to be so sore? I had it done 3 hrs ago

I was told not to ice it and apply some lip balm only. She said my swelling will be worse in the morning.

How long until the swelling settles?

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I've not had it done yet myself but hear a little brusing and swelling is normal in the first 24 hours, some say ice and some say not to so if yours says not to then i woukd folliw her instructions but just keep an eye on it to make sure it disnt get any worse. When the swelling /brusing settles I'd love to see some pics ?

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Did you get dermal blocking injections ( a few in in your gum/lip to block the feeling in your lips)? That made it way less painful for me.

Iv had my lips done 3 times and am going in for a top up tomorrow. I find it takes 5-7 days for the bruising to go away. I didn’t have bruising all over my lips just some spots. I put bruising cream on liberally, which helped. And I covered it with a good coverage natural coloured lipstick when I was around ppl. But did find it awkward at work, as I couldn’t keep the bruising covered all the time, e.g, eating and drinking etc. The swelling usually takes about 1-2 weeks to go down for me. But the swelling went down a lot in the first 3-5 days. I was advised to put ice on it straight after with a cloth around it for 20 mins x 3 with a 20 min break in between, making sure not to burn the lips with direct contact with ice. The cosmetic nurse once hit a little vein in my lip so it bruised more, which can happen. But she is getting to know my lips and remembered that the next time.

Your body metabolises the filler a lot the first time (even though I apparently hold it well) and they do get smaller, especially the first time, but as I keep getting top ups of 1/4 to half a ml it is holding better, which i was told would happen in my first consult. The place I go you go for your initial filler, then a review after two weeks when the swelling has gone down to check how they are and add any filler if needed. I kind of wish they were as big as some stages of my swollen lips.

My sister-in-law law is a cosmetic nurse who works for a popular cosmetic place, so she gives me lots of advice and does my lips. So I trust her work/advice.

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