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Insider Information...Thankyou for Sharing PSF


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Hi everyone,

I work for an Australian television company and we're carrying out research on surgery trends amongst Australians. We're exploring the ideals of beauty in multicultural Australia and have been looking into the cosmetic tourism industry.

We're learning about popular procedures, doctors and hospitals. This forum is an invaluable resource for our research so thankyou to those that are sharing their stories and answering my questions. It's great for us to be able to read your diaries and thoughts and get insider information. As I'm not a standard forum member I thought it appropriate to introduce myself. I know you have problems with spammers and it's not my intention to annoy anyone.

If anyone wishes to share their story or offer opinion, be it on the ideals of beauty, surgery or otherwise it would be greatly received. We respect privacy and although this is an open forum any information sent via PM will be kept confidential unless you agree otherwise, it's just for our research.

Again, thankyou for your help and best wishes,


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