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Any recommendations for Asian Blepharoplasty surgeons in Australia?

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Hi y'all! I'm a 23 year old female from a south-east Asian background. I had my first double eyelid surgery operation when I was 17 by Dr Andrew Kim in Melbourne, Australia. My initial operation and the subsequent revision surgeries that he preformed were totally botched and I've been left with asymmetry and a deformed fold on my left eye (please refer to the attached photo).

After years of hating my appearance, regretting my decision to ever have the surgery, and completely losing all trust in surgeons, I have finally found the courage to look into possibly undergoing revision surgery. 
I was just wondering whether anyone in Australia could recommend an experienced plastic surgeon to me who specialises in double eyelid surgery (also known as asian blepharoplasty). I'm specifically looking for a plastic surgeon, not a cosmetic surgeon (like Dr. Andrew Kim). I'm based in Melbourne, but would be willing to travel interstate for a more experienced and respectable doctor. 

Please let me know if you or someone you know has any recommendations for me.


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I can’t believe I’m saying this, I’ve never said this on here, but maybe it would be best to look at surgery overseas. I really don’t believe there are any surgeons over here who specialise in double eyelid surgery or perform enough of them to do a great revision job. A revision is much more difficult than the original surgery. 

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