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I have had a consult for male rhinoplasty with Dr George Marcells in Sydney, Australia. He was very nice and professional when I saw him, and took the time to listen to my concerns and show me how he could fix them. I felt really comfortable in the consultation with him.

There are about 10 reviews on RealSelf and 19 on RateMDs. They are all positive for rhinoplasty, however I saw three comments in total about revision rhinoplasty with him which were not so good. Such is to be expected, as you cannot have a surgeon always get the perfect result and I understand that.

I wondered if any of you had experience with him? I see some comments online where people call him the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Australia. The only real evidence of this is his large body of experience, and appointments to several posts within surgery societies. He does seem to have a focus on the importance of the structure of the nose - as he is an ENT.

I have not been able to find any scandalous reviews about his work, which can be found about practically every other rhino surgeon in Australia. So I am hoping most of his clients just don't leave reviews because they are happy with his work.

Has anyone had any experiences with George Marcells or can shed us some knowledge?

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