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Breast Implant surgery interstate patients

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Hello, I'm considering breast implants with Dr Andrew Greensmith at Your Breast in Melbourne. I have to travel by myself from Tasmania and wondering how long it took for other interstate patients to travel home following surgery? I will ask this at the Skype Consult, but wanted to hear from others who have experienced this and if they felt it was enough time/well enough to travel? I have two kids (5 and 7) and hate being away from them. Any advice gladly appreciated :)

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Hey hun, welcome to the forum :) If you do a search through the threads you will find lots of women who have had interstate experiences that may be useful for you to read about. However, the main thing is that every woman has a different recovery. some of us breeze through it, others struggle a bit and it's hard to judge how you yourself will go. Be guided by your surgeon's advice as he will know best and he will give you a good indication of how long you need to wait prior to travelling back home. 

When are you planning your surgery? Another thing is to look for a 2019 roll call surgery group and find women who are going for BA's this year and you will find an instant and caring support group. You can also ask any of us who've already had surgeries any questions you like as we are all friendly and helpful. xo

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Thank you so much for the warm welcome! I am sooo nervous about it and appreciate the reply :)

I have a skype consult next week but roughly planning the week before Easter (Mid-Late April) so I can take a week off work afterwards + public holidays then go back to work (2 weeks off total).

I've found a few threads which are helpful so will hopefully find something similar. I will be sure to check out the roll call groups!




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