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Thread lift

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Id be super careful with this and only go to someone very reputable with lots of experience. 
My inlaw had this done and you could literally see the threads pulling the skin underneath everytime you smiled...like you could see the lines across her face, it was so strange and very unnatural looking

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Hi Ladies,

Just thought I'd share my experience about a thread lift procedure I had with Dr Tom Jodlovich. I was (and still am!) very nervous about going under the knife after hearing so many horror stories about invasive face lift surgeries. So I started researching for a less invasive alternative to address my sagging face. I booked in to see Dr Tom Jodlovich about 2 months ago for a free consultation to see  if I was a good candidate for this procedure. He was very honest about what the results would look like and confirmed that I would be a good candidate. My procedure went better that I expected. The pain was very minimum and I wasn’t nervous as I thought I would be as I felt I was in good hands. The results were immediate. After 2 week I came back for a follow up appointment and reviewed my before and after pictures with Dr Jodlovich. He then scheduled me for one more follow up appointment 2 weeks ago and the results have continued to progress well. I am very grateful to Dr Jodlovich for doing his job so carefully and for helping me look much better. I will definitely be coming back to him for other treatments in the future. The staff at the front desk were very kind and helpful and answered all my questions. I can highly recommend him for this procedure if you are looking for a less invasive alternative to surgery for your face.

warm wishes


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