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5'7" 145 lbs. Can't decide on size, help!!

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Hi all! I have my breast augmentation surgery scheduled for February 13th so in less than two weeks (yay!!). I am only a few days from having to pick exactly what type of implant I would like and I am soooo lost! I am 5'7" and about 145 lbs. Currently, I am a deflated 34B in Victoria Secret sizing. I am debating between 485cc moderate profile or 520/540cc high profile. Does anybody have similar body stats to me with pictures? I am really lost as to different sizes and profiles and the anxiety that surgery is less than 2 weeks away has officially set in. The picture below is an "ideal" look for what I would like to get. 

Thank you all!

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 10.04.03 AM.png

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Hi hun i am very similar stats to you and have 440cc hp anatomical dual plane,  i went from a 34 A to a 34 DD/E depending on the style of bra, i would go the 520 , while I like the size of my boobs i do kinda wish i went the 500 cc . Ps FR accepted  ? and welcome to the group.  Oh and you should be able to see my progress pics now 

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I am almost exact same stats as you, I started with asymmetry but my smaller side was only about an A and I got 335 on that side (round motiva ergonomix) and 180 on my bigger side, feel free to send me a FR so you can see what that size would look like on a similar frame to your own :) bear in mind if you are starting with a B you are starting out with more than I had! So you would look bigger :) 

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