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Painful over sensitive nipples

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1 hour ago, Katiesuzannah12 said:

I had my breast augmentation three years ago. My left nipple has always been over sensitive. I've just kind of got used to it. Now both of them have become really sore and hypersensitive. Im worried now that I wont be able to breastfeed when I have kids because it will be too painful. I don't know what to do. 

Hey lovely, was your left nipple also sensitive prior to your BA or only afterwards? If it's a newish issue, maybe check back with your original surgeon to make sure all is ok.

I always had really sensitive nipples (pre BA) and worried about breastfeeding my daughter, but when I actually had her I did get used to it, I massaged my nipples all through pregnancy to kind of prepare them and I must say it did make me wince at first, but they kind of toughened up over the first couple of weeks and then it was fine and I breastfed her for months :) There may be other ladies on here that have had a similar issue, have you tried a search through the threads for anything related to sensitive nipples and breastfeeding? That may bring up some helpful information.

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