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Fat Transfer to breast. Have you had one?

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I had my inplants removed 8 months ago and I want to have a fat transfer to even put my breasts and hopefully get a little bit more volume. i have consulted with 5 surgeons already and there is sich a huge variance in what each surgwon rhink they can achieve. Would lovw to hear if anyone else have gone through this.

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yes, i have had it done 3 times (on my R. boob) on the gold coast


Going well thank you, however i still needed a small implant as the loss of fat is rather a lot and unpredictable.

Hence i would never have it done  on my face for instance , and it is expensive.

I had no option though, if i had..... i would not choose this procedure.

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I just had liposculpture on Thursday. They put the day in my breasts. I already had 470cc implants. They are quite large now and got the bonus of taking fat from where I didn't want them. I went wit dr rastogi in double bay as he did my implants.

So far so good. Recovery is different but still look like big natural breasts. I'll end up having 800cc implants without It the weight as you lose a 3rd of what they put in due to water and swelling.

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