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Phuket Breast Augmentation February 2019

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Hello! I am getting a breast augmentation done by Dr. Narupon in a week, has anyone had BA done by him? I’m not going to PIAC, I am going to Phuket cosmetic surgery and laser. This clinic does not have a website just a Facebook page but with all good reviews but all in thai. But I figured since Dr. Narupon also does surgeries at PIAC, that I should be fine. Since I’m going to a less known clinic to foreigners, was wondering if anyone is going to phuket for BA around Feb 14th, let me know! 

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hi there 

Had my BA surgery with Dr Narupon in 2013, great surgeon and great results. implants and boobs are still in tact and still look good. 375cc  R and 350cc L  mod + mentor silicone  above muscle, transaxillary incision . 

I had my BA done at PIAC though and my stay was great, i sis a 19 day stay.  I  opted for 2 Days in hospital.  Would love to have them redone by him as well eventually as Aus breast aug prices are still steep. In addition the skill set is phenomenal of these thai surgeons.  unless can find a good surgeon in Perth id get them redone here and if not over 10k lol


How exciting for you though , what are you wanting done in terms of implant type and size?

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