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Pole dancing after BA ?‍♀️

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Hey guys 

I’m just about to hit 7 months post op. 

I had a breast augmentation- under the muscle 

Recently I’ve decided to take up pole dancing for fitness, my first session was difficult  (learning to use new muscles)

*its so much harder than you think * 

Last night I did my second session 

I noticed some poses are really hard on my pec muscles, but I totally expected this. I tried not to push it too much. 

 Today my breasts are still a  sore, tingly, aching slightly. 

Im wondering if anyone else has started pole after a breast augmentation, and how they went!? 

Im kinda freaking out that I’m going to wreck my new boobs ?

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Hi hun no experience with pole dancing after a BA but have done my fair share of it before i had my boobs done and yes it dose require a lot of upper body strength and activation of the pec muscles,  you are 7 mpo so you should be fine and lije you said some things felt a little weird still and your right for taking it easy still rule of thumb if it feels uncomfortable ease off and try again in a couple of weeks,  as for your boobs feeling a little achy thats normal as you hav'nt wirked your chest muscles like that for a long time and especially under your bodyweight which is distributed unevenly un like the weight of a barbell , the slower  you ease yourself into it the better as it gives your muscles time to adapt, it took me a good 6-8 months to really get back to teaching yoga properly without the strange pulling feeling in my chest during chaturangas.  A lill bit of info about me I'm a PT and fitness instructor and have 20 yrs experience in the industry so know a little  bit about stuff ?

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