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Hi all, 

I am looking to explant my Silimed pu implants but have no idea where to start as my surgeon has retired and I’m so concerned about the Velcro-like stickiness of the furries. I have very little breast tissue but am not looking to augment again - this has scared me right off. 

Thinking I will need a lift an possibly an areola reduction. Yikes I’m scared of the end result. 



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Hi Jen,

I would highly recommend seeing a plastic surgeon in your area for a consult to remove them..

Depending on what state you are in, we could give you recommendations.

I had mine removed by Professor Mark Ashton in Melbourne and was very happy with the care and results he gave me. There isnt a whole lot that can be done for the appearance post op except for perhaps opting for a breast lift or seeing a plastic surgeon like Dr Tavakoli who does lots of fat grafting on the breasts for explant patients.

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Just a quick update.

I explanted with lollipop lift June 13. I had drains for two days and I’m not joking when I say I had zero pain. Took one day of codeine just in case then on to panadol for about 6 days. Slight discomfort because of the drains but that’s it. Wayyyyy easier than implant.

I have more breast tissue than I thought but I’m assuming they’ll settle and be a little smaller. A lot of my neurological/cardiac issues have lessened significantly already, plus the cellulite on the back of my thighs and bum has improved immensely (despite me eating like a horse atm).

If you’re feeling unwell, get them out!

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