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Lower abdomen Lipo booked for next month

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Hey guys,

Im really excited. I had my consult with Dr Joseph Ajaka from Cosmos Clinic in Double Bay sydney this week and have booked for lipo and skin tightening for 2nd May.

Ive pretty thin but have a teeny pocket of fat below my belly button and some loose skin there after having kids - its not enough to get a tummy tuck nor do i want those scars so we are hopeful that the vaser will help tighten the skin back up. I was told I could expect around 50% tightening so if thats the case ill be stocked.


Ill add pictures on here later but im really excited

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So tomorrow is the day.

I had my pre surgical appointment at Cosmos clinic today. I was sized up for my post op garment which is like shorts that come up around your shoulders with straps. Way better than any spanx ive ever worn - gives you some serious kim kardashian curves without any surgery lol

I also have to wear a binder with a board that goes under it so that it helps the skin and tissue settle flat. Ill post some pictures on this thread tomorrow when I am wearing it.

Very very excited for tomorrow :)

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Oh wow, this sounds very interesting, i will wait with baited breath  to hear how you went, i am in the process of dropping 10kg , lave lost 7.5 and only 2.5 to go but the mummy pouch is still there like you said I'm not very over weight but just wanted to loose a bit of body fat and tone up , if you get good results think imight look into it myself or i could just get myself one of those post op garments to suck it all in ?

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