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Norwest or Nepean surgeons


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Hey Everybody

After about 12 years of thinking about having a BA I'm actually finally going to do something about it but boy is it scary. I'm am located near the Hills district and have an appointment with 2 local surgeons:

  • Dr Alfred Lewis (who I actually had Rhinoplasty with back in 1997 and he was fantastic); and
  • Dr Benjamin Norris

Has anybody used this surgeons for BA?? I really want to go off recommendations but would actually prefer a surgeon closer to home rather then in the city.

I met a girl who worked in Cotton On Body a few years ago who had BA surgery in the Penrith area and she LOVED him but I don't remember the name of the DR unfortunately. Has anybody had surgery in the Nepean area that they are happy with??

I can't wait to hear from you girls about your experiences. If you have used another DR around Western Sydney please let me know. I have already booked consults with the above 2 doctors but am willing to see a few others because I would prefer to do the legwork now rather then having to go in for another surgery later down the track IYKWIM.

XXXXXXX Thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hi Sunbuny, I have a friend who had her BA with Dr Peter Hayward, about 2 years ago, and is very very happy with her results and he has an excellent bedside manner. His consult rooms are at Penrith AND Nepean - (Penrith) and he operates at both Nepean and Westmead Private Hospitals. I'm booked in to have my TT done in about 5 weeks time.

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Thank you so much girls!! Gives me something to start with - Penrith/Nepean are only about 40mins away so not that far really. It's great to be able to share information/experiences isn't it? So glad I found this website.

Good luck with the TT Sydneymum. Is this your first surgery??

I had rhinoplasty done when I was 17yo and it was the best money I ever spent. I haven't regretted it for even one minute. It's so good to something for yourself. Us girls (and mums) really deserve it :)


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No worries, I just realised I made an error, I meant to write Dr Hayward has consult rooms at Penrith and Westmead.

And yes, my first "plastic" surgery. After putting my body through 3 pregnancies, (huge 3rd baby) this is going to be a well deserved journey for me.

Stick around because there are lots of ladies going through the same procedure as you and we are all happy to share our journey's and experiences & support each other!

All the best!

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Hi Barely_There

So funny - a friend of my sisters actually recommended him to me and I called them this afternoon and got an appointment for next Tuesday morning which is unbelievably fast. Have you booked the surgery yet? When is your surgery booked for?

I have also seen Dr Tavaoli's name a lot on this website and my cousins also used him. I just found out today that he has an office at Bella Vista but I'm not sure if he actually carrys out the surgery out this way.

Yoú'll have to keep me posted with your progress. I'll make sure I post back on this thread after my appointment on Tuesday.

Are you girls scared of the pain or any complications? Some of the stories I read here are nearly enough to stop me in my tracks :(

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I am not worried about the pain Sunybuny, most ladies who have had theirs already say they have had minimal pain even when they expected it to be really bad. Some have described it as milk engorgement like pain but that it is a constant ache instead of getting the relief after feeding baby. Of course having a complication would be worrying but I am thinking positively and hoping it all goes really well, and if there is a problem then I am prepared for that too. It is surgery and nothing can be guaranteed. Also my PS, Dr Tim, does surgery at a few hospitals, one your way is Westmead Private.

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I must be the slowest person around and in my excitement I didn't really think about this but I had my first child 18 months ago... my small chest 12A/10B didn't change at all - might of gotten a tiny bit bigger but went down quickly after I finished BF (which was after 7 weeks). I would say they are no different to the way they were before I fell pregnant.

We're actually hoping to fall pregnant at the end of this year so I guess it would be a bad idea to get the implants so soon before trying to fall pregnant...

Any thoughts? Should I be posting this somewhere else?

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If you are thinking of having more kids then it would be best to wait untill you have finished. Your breasts will change again with pregnancy and breasfeeding and you will probably think you need to have them re done. There can be a big difference with breast change for each child so with your next one, you could end up getting quite a bit bigger and ending up with more sag etc. With my first, my breasts were noticably bigger and with the second they hardly changed at all. I also think that you have to have stopped breastfeeding 12 months before most surgeons will allow you to have implants.

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Hi there - I had my BA three days ago with Dr Norris at Norwest Private and I can not recommend him more highly. I'm 40 and have breastfed 3 kids. I did a lot of research because I'm very particular about the result I was after. I want a natural, gentle slope from my collarbone to my nipple not a big 'Pamela Anderson' style ridge. I was mostly concerned about the loss of fullness in the upper pole region of my chest, even though I have a good amount of breast tissue.

His before/after pics are what drew me to him - no ridges in sight, all really lovely natural, proportioned results. At my first consultation I liked him immediately. He listened, asked questions, made suggestions then sent me home with two different sized implants (one at the smaller end of my tissue range and one at the larger end) for me to wear in my crop top with different outfits and get a feel for how big I wanted to go. At my second consult we discussed implant type, incision placement, implant position. He also expressed his concern about my height. I'm short and he explained that shorter women have a tendency to look matronly when they got large implants. More to think about. Third consult - locked in the size and type of implant and booked in my surgery dates. I never once felt anything but completely confident in his ability, approach, knowledge.

I went with Silimed textured silicone gel, tear drop, moderate projection, 245cc implants placed over the muscle (sub glandular), crease incision.

I was very nervous on the day of my surgery but he was so reasurring. Gosh - he's done a fine job! Three days out and I'm already so happy with them. He took so much care - they're symmetrical, not too big. I saw him yesterday for my first of a few post op apps and he was really pleased with how it all went.

I guess it depends on the look your after. I found many of the other well known surgeons did augmentations that just looked way too porn star for my liking. I don't want to be the mum that walks into the P&C meeting and have everyone sniggering about my boob job. Dr Norris was definitely the right choice for me and I recommend him very highly.

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Hi Union Jack

I haven't logged in for ages so have just seen your response. Thanks for replying. I ended up seeing Dr Norris and I really liked him too. I saw him As well as 3 others. He took a lot of time going through all the details and gave me the implants to try as well which was great.

How has your recovery gone?

Also, Dr Norris was the only dr who told me I should wait till I have my next child which I thought was very honest. I ended up falling pregnant :) so very good thing I put it on hold.

Can't wait to hear more about your experience.

Thank you :-)

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