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lipo in thailand


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I'm in Bangkok now, still recovering from liposuction, tummy tuck and a breast lift. I am very happy with my surgeon, who is Dr Pramote. While final results are still yet to be seen, and I'm still really swollen, I was happy with his professionalism, bedside manner, and I'm thrilled with what I can see so far. IE Love handles are gone! Dr Pramote works at Yanhee Hospital. The hospital is one of the most efficient hospitals I've ever been to. I can't fault the hospital. Nursing care brilliant. Very happy with doctor: I felt he really listened to what I wanted, and tried to give me the absolute best result possible. I did end up getting liposuction and wasn't planning on it, or budgeted for it (last minute quick call to the bank of mum - thanks mum!) but his professional advice was spot on and I'm glad I followed his recommendation.

There are plenty of other good surgeons in Thailand for liposuction and hopefully some others will come on soon and let you know.

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Hi Cas

I booked my Lipo through Lotus Medical international and they set me up with Dr Narupon...

I also hear Dr Boonchai is pretty awesome too. But just check in with them, they have a few board certified surgeons... thanakom also.... depends where you want to go the most.. I got mine done in Phuket at PIAC. Beautiful place to be and relax for recovery after surgery... Dr Narupon done a thorough job, and was very professional.

Hope this helps

Good luck

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