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Finally booked!!


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Hi all,

I finally booked in for my BA and rhinoplasty revision.

YAY!! :D

I finally get to have a ticker haha.

Tuesday, March 12th is the big day.

It's over 6 months away so I don't know how I'm going to handle all of the waiting. :(

I'm getting 325cc smooth, round, high profile, submuscular saline implants via an inframammary incision.

I'm sooooooooo excited!!

After booking in I couldn't stop smiling all day.

I had people walking by my window at work looking at me weird.

They were probably thinking, "What is this freak smiling at?" lol.

I even had one of my colleagues make the comment, "Either you're typing up a love e-mail to someone you have a huge crush on or you just really love your job". When I asked what he meant he replied, "Well you look like Santa on cocaine getting laid. You've had a huge grin on your face the whole time you've been typing whatever you're typing".

I was only replying to a query from one of our rudest customers, I didn't even realise I was smiling. I mean, I love my job, but not that much hehe.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my good news with my fellow booby sisters.

Love and hugs to all,

Sukii xx

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hey Congrat Sukii!!!

I know what it feels like to put your ticker and then you realise how long you need to wait,

first time I put mine up it was over 8 month to wait!! i thought oh gosh so long but time is flying by specially when you are on this forum!!!!! you get to know everyone and see everyone going to surgery one after the others... then next think you know it's your turn!!!

where do you plan to have your surgery? are you using the same doc who did you rhino in the first place?

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Thanks ladies!! :D

naja08, yes, I'm using the same surgeon as the first time.

I love my nose (it suits the rest of my face perfectly) so I have given him strict instructions not to change the shape at all.

There are just two tiny bumps he is going to shave down (they are barely visible but I know they are there). :)

Platinum, oh my God!! Not long to go for you. You must be so excited!!!!!! Hell, I'M excited haha. I get so happy when I see other people getting close to their surgery day.

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Congrats Sukii!!! the time will fly by before you know it!! i know it has definitely been like that for me :)

like the other girls have said it is great getting to know everyone and watching them go through their surgeries but it definitely feels good to know you have booked a date and adding a ticker was so so so exciting for me!! the whole day after i booked i couldnt help but by super happy!

I love the 'Santa on cocaine getting laid' comment!!! think it sums up the excitement really well haha

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It's a long time to wait but it'll come around soon enough. I had four months from consult to op date so I know how much it sucks to wait but it goes so quickly! And despite the ups and downs of thinking about it, id you've booked that's the biggest step and TOU just need to trust yourself and trust your decisions! :)

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Thanks everyone!! :)

cbrni, I've already started making my lists for what I'll need pre and post op.

I've even gone into a few lingerie stores to scope out what I might want to purchase once I have the twins lol.

I think it's normal to get carried away with excitement.

mascara, it's a personal decision for me.

It gives me more time to save so I'm not having to borrow too much and it's the quiet season at work so I can take as much leave as I want (if I had my op any sooner I would only be able to take a week off work - if I'm lucky).

Plus, my sister wants to take time off to look after me so it works better for her too.

I don't know how soon they'd be able to get me in if I didn't want to wait however with my nose I know I had to wait months for a consultation but only a few weeks for the op.

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Haha - it is good to no I am not the only one who is well prepared!! Seriously you won't believe how quick that ticker will tick down to DAYS! I am only a few days off being in the 'days' category and I am so damn excited!! Had my final pre op consult yesterday and couldn't wipe the smile from my face, again. Imagine what we'll be like when we wake up from surgey!! In my opinion do it when it's right, do not rush it! It works out perfectly for you....you can save, get time off and you'll have your sister! YAY!

mascara - when you have your consults just ask the surgeon his general time frame from consult to surgery. That will give you an idea! You wouldn't have to wait too long though, as Sukii said, it is usually personal preference

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