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To tell or not to tell?

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I am getting a BA in a few months and wondering what I should tell my mum. 

Usually it wouldn't be a problem as I live out of home, however I will be staying with my mum for a few days immediately after the operation and she will be picking me up post-op. 

The problem is that I have always been so insecure of my breasts that I have stuffed my bra since I was 14 and everyone, my mum included, thinks I already have big boobs as a result. I have never told her anything different, because I have been so embarrassed and uncomfortable about my body and having a ;stuffed' bra is the only thing that evens out my figure. I don't want to tell her now, so I told her I will be getting a lift instead. My implants size will be roughly on par or slightly smaller than I have been padding my bra.

My question is, if I don't tell her and she just continues believing I'm getting a lift, is there any way she will find out? For example, do they go through post-implant care with people picking up patients post-op?

I know this is really silly and trivial, but I have left it about ten years too late to tell her that my 'boobs' are not mine and I couldn't bring myself to do it now. I also know she would judge me if I came clean about implants, based on reactions to other family members having the same. 

I am so excited to take this step, but this part is unfortunately taking the shine off it.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 

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This may sound forward...….but I think it is time to be an adult and tell her. If she judges you, then that is on her. But I think she would more than likely support you on your journey. In my thinking if you continue to keep things under wraps and not be open with her about it, the issue will eat away at you. You're better off getting it out in the open and let the dust settle where it may,

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I was very unsure of how my mother would react when i told her i was getting a BA as at the time i was considering traveling interstate to have it done and was needing a travel companion  (you need someone to stsy with you for the first 24 hrs if traveling interstate ) hunbby was going to  stay home with the kids,  when i told her she did ask why and have i looked at all the risks involved and when i told her i had sppnt 5 + years on and off researching she was ok with it, as for telling my dad well i waited until after I'd had the surgery before i told him as he is not as approving, there was a bit or ranting but he eventually got over it, i agree with Pink Butterfly somewhat on this one , you are a grown woman the decision to have a ba/bl is your weather they approve or not but i believe in being honest. 

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