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TT on monday.......soooo scared!!!!


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Cant believe its almost here!!!! 3 more sleeps and my TT is finally happening!! You would think considering i've had soooti many operations before that i'd be use to it....but im not!!! The pain dosnt bother me e at all, im use to pain! I just hate being knocked out! Im really want this but as the surgery's getting closer i have major anxiety over the whole thing! Did or does anyone else feel this way??

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It's perfectly normal to feel anxious, heather83, particularly when it's something you've anticipated for so long.

The pain doesn't bother me, it's the anxiety and the waiting that are doing my head in. If I over think too much I start to feel a bit panicky and have to calm myself down. Can't wait until it's done and I'm in recovery mode!

Good luck with your TT on Monday. Who is your surgeon? I'll be looking at getting a TT next year so I'll be following your journey with interest :)

Keep in touch and let us know how you go xx

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Hi Heather,

best of luck with the TT, you'll be fine, and yes I did feel quite anxious of the unknown before my TT. My PS said nerves are perfectly normal and shows I had a healthy understanding of the op rather than a blase attitude. Hope all goes well, havig my BA the same day :)......getting nervous too!!


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