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BA in Melbourne surgeon recommendations?


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Hi Rose2704,

I'm getting mine done by Alan Kalus at Avenue Plastic surgery.

He did my rhinoplasty so I'm confident in his work.

I don't think he does Brazilian furrys though.

I've heard great things about Associate Professor Mark Ashton.

I'm not sure if he uses Brazilians or not.

I had a consultation with him and I must say he is pretty fantastic. I almost booked with him.

Dr. David Topchian at Endless Solutions uses them however I haven't seen much feedback on him.

Good luck!!

Sukii xx

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Hi Rose2704, I don't know if any of these surgeons do brazilians or their price, but they do seem to be well liked with the Melbourne girls - Dr Ashton, Dr Farrow and Dr Rubenstein. If you give them a call enquiring about surgery they can give you the price and a breakdown of what that includes.

Good luck! :)

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Mine are costing approximately $12,000.00 and Mark Ashton quoted me about $11,000.00.

I'm not sure about Topchian though.

I know Alan Breidahl in Brighton charges about 8-9,000 dollars however I've heard some really bad things about him so I think it's worth paying that little bit extra (plus he specialises in rhinoplasty).

Sukii xx

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